Submodules module, x, y, narrs=10, dspace=0.5, aspace=0.1, direc='pos', hl=0.025, hw=2.5, c='black')[source]

narrs : Number of arrows that will be drawn along the curve

dspace : Shift the position of the arrows along the curve.
Should be between 0. and 1.

direc : can be ‘pos’ or ‘neg’ to select direction of the arrows

hl : length of the arrow head

hw : width of the arrow head

c : color of the edge and face of the arrow head module

class, rotate_labels=False, labels=('one', 'two', 'three'), sides=3, label_offset=0.1, edge_args={'color': 'black', 'linewidth': 2}, fig_args={'edgecolor': 'white', 'facecolor': 'white', 'figsize': (8, 8)}, text_args={'color': 'black', 'fontsize': 24})[source]

Bases: object

translate_coords(data, scaling=True)[source]

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